These 4 old stars have been in many a drama and are now glad to retire to a bit of a quiet life looking after leads. They are all made from old coats (in case their title didn't give it away!) and handmade by me. And speaking of names - please welcome onto the stage Rescue, Pesky, A Dog's dog and Dot's dog (as in Dorothy!). They only agreed to this job if they could go incognito. 


Another of their demands was that 10% of their sales go to the Guide Dogs so that's exactly what we will do.


As with all the wooltide hookheads they are mounted on recycled pallet wood backing with a hook to hang the all important lead on. They come in a gift box and can be sent directly to the recipient.


Dimensions are approx. 18cm x 7cm x 10cm

Please note that all these famous old coat hookheads may vary in colour etc as let's face it -  it's old coats I use to make them with. 

famous old coat hookheads take 2