This motley crew of famous mutts are really deep down just humble old coats! Despite their diva behaviour they are all extremely delighted to have this job in their old age looking after dog leads. To stop too much paparazzi action happening we had to change the names. Please give a big round of applause to Red, Brush, Who's dog and Elf.


These guys are actually quite wealthy so have decided that we should contibute 10% of their sales to the Guide Dog charity. 


They, like all the other hookheads, are mounted on recycled pallet wood backings with a hook to hang the lead on. They arrive in a wooltide gift box and can be sent directly to the recipient - just let me know. They do make a rather random, niche kind of gift and will hopefully make the recipient bark and howl with laughter!


Dimensions are approx. 18cm x 7cm x 10cm

Please note that all these famous old coat hookheads may vary in colour etc as let's face it -  it's old coats I use to make them with. 

famous old coat hookheads take 3