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Meet the newest addition to the wooltide family. It's miniyoume hookheads! These funny faces are available as commissions of your favourite person. The miniyoume faces of myself and Rolf have made the whole family chortle and are actually very handy for hanging your keys on. As with all my work they are made from recycled textiles - ie. old coats and jumpers etc!


If you would like to order one then please be aware that I do have a waiting time of approx one month (depending on demand) and that I can only start work once you have sent me approriate photos of the person I am to make. You can send the photos via email ( and please leave me a wee note when you purchase the miniyoume hookhead.


These hookheads  are approx 18cm x 7cm x 10cm and come in a wooltide gift box.


Please be aware that these hookheads are meant to be caricatures of the person in question and will not be an exact replica of the face! They are all made from preloved clothing! :D



miniyoume hookhead

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