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wooltide commissions

All my commissioned hookheads are handmade from recycled fabrics, usually old fluffy coats. The wooden backing is made from recycled sanded wood with a hook at the base and a hook at the back to hang on the wall (with a simple screw.) The wood backing is approximately 18cm x 8 cm x 10 cm. I make mostly dog commissions (I do hope you like the owners photos above) as these hookheads are great personalised gifts and are super practical for hanging the dog's lead on. But I also make horses, cats or any other pet or animal that I have been asked to make. I also make doublers or triplets (or more!) depending on how many animals/pets you would like on the wooden backing. These are sized and priced accordingly.


My single hookhead commissions cost £55 plus postage (I live in Scotland by the way) and the lead time is approximately one month. Each hookhead comes in a wooltide gift box and can also be sent directly to the recipient with a message from you. Just let me know what you would like written...


I do make every effort to capture the essence of the animal in question however please remember that I am working with preloved fabrics and the end result is a not going to be an exact replica of your beloved creature.  


If you are interested in a commission you can get in touch with me via Email using the button below. You can pay for your commission in my shop using the other button below! I will of course need a few photos of the animal in question and please let me know of any special wishes as soon as possible.

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